Silk Ribbon Bowtie Cardboard Paper Jewelry Packaging Box


Elevate your jewelry presentation with ZSCraft’s Silk Ribbon Bowtie Cardboard Paper Jewelry Packaging Box. As Your Packaging Partner Across Continents, ZSCraft delivers excellence to the USA, UK, Europe, and Africa. Crafted in our Chinese manufacturing facility, this box features an exquisite exterior with white PU leather, ribbon bowtie, and a sumptuous black velvet interior. Customize colors, logos, and materials for a unique brand expression. Trust ZSCraft for a sophisticated packaging solution that transcends borders and enhances your jewelry’s allure.

Elevate your jewelry gifting experience with ZSCraft’s Silk Ribbon Cardboard Paper Jewelry Packaging Box. As a Professional Packing Manufacturer, ZSCraft caters to the USA, UK, Europe, and Africa, delivering excellence from our manufacturing facility in China.

Product Features:

  1. Exquisite Exterior: Wrapped in 2mm cardboard adorned with white PU leather, featuring a ribbon bowtie for a touch of elegance.
  2. Sumptuous Interior: Lined with high-quality black velvet, ensuring a luxurious cradle for your precious jewelry pieces.
  3. Customizable Colors: Express your brand identity with a customized color palette, creating a unique and memorable presentation.
  4. Brand Personalization: Make it uniquely yours with a customized logo, adding a distinctive touch to your packaging.
  5. Material Flexibility: Crafted according to customer requests, ensuring your specific material preferences are met with precision.

Choose ZSCraft for a Silk Ribbon Bowtie Cardboard Paper Packaging Box that combines sophistication, customization, and quality – a packaging solution that reflects the essence of your brand.

Product NameModel No. Size(mm)
Ring boxZSJPB422-160*50*40mm
Pendant boxZSJPB422-290*90*40mm
Bangle boxZSJPB422-3100*100*40mm
Bracelet boxZSJPB422-4240*60*40mm
Set boxZSJPB422-5165*165*40mm