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Elevate your jewelry presentation with the Hot Sales Round Cardboard Paper Jewelry Packaging Case Box from ZSCraft, your Professional Packing Manufacturer. Crafted with precision in our manufacturing factory in China, this box features a pristine White PU leather exterior and a luxurious White faux interior. Customize it with your logo and choose from a variety of materials to perfectly align with your brand’s vision. Tailor the size to fit your specific jewelry pieces. ZSCraft, serves targeted countries including the USA, UK, Europe, and Africa. Choose excellence; choose ZSCraft.

Choose a partner that values craftsmanship, customization, and global excellence. Opt for ZSCraft, where your packaging needs are met with expertise and precision.

Elevate your brand with the Hot Sales Round Cardboard Paper Jewelry Box, brought to you by ZSCraft. Here are the key features of this exquisite jewelry box:

  1. Exterior Elegance: The box boasts a sophisticated exterior crafted from high-quality White PU leather.
  2. Luxurious Interior: The interior is lined with plush White faux, providing a soft and protective nest for your precious jewelry pieces.
  3. Customizable Logo: Personalize the box with your unique logo, creating a branded experience that resonates with your customers.
  4. Material Versatility: We offer flexibility in material choices, ensuring that the box aligns seamlessly with your brand’s vision and values.
  5. Tailored Size Options: Customize the size of the box to perfectly accommodate your specific jewelry pieces.

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in China, ZSCraft is committed to providing high-quality, customized jewelry packaging solutions. Catering to targeted countries, including the USA, UK, Europe, and Africa, ZSCraft is your trusted partner for exceptional packaging that complements your brand’s identity. Choose excellence; choose ZSCraft.

Product nameModel No. Size(mm)
Ring boxZSP175-158*51*53mm
Pendant boxZSP175-278*68*45mm
Pendant boxZSP175-398*88*45mm
Set boxZSP175-4157*144*45mm
Ring boxZSP175-158*51*53mm