Zscraft is a professional packing manufacturer that is committed to Diversity Staffing Reports and inclusion in its workplace. The company believes that a diverse workforce is essential to its success, and it has implemented several initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.

One of these initiatives is the publication of an annual diversity staffing report. The report provides an overview of the company’s diversity demographics as well as its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Demographics

The 2023 Zscraft Diversity Staffing Report found that the company’s workforce is diverse in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality.

  • Gender: 52% of Zscraft’s employees are women, and 48% are men.
  • Race: 35% of Zscraft’s employees are Asian, 30% are white, 20% are Hispanic, 10% are black, and 5% are Native American or other.
  • Ethnicity: 60% of Zscraft’s employees are Hispanic, 30% are White, 5% are Asian, and 5% are Black or Native American.
  • Nationality: 70% of Zscraft’s employees are from the United States, 20% are from Mexico, and 10% are from other countries.

Efforts to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Zscraft actively promotes diversity and inclusion in its workplace. The company has implemented several initiatives to achieve this goal, including:

  • All Zscraft employees must complete unconscious bias training.
  • This training helps employees identify and address their own unconscious biases.
  • Employee resource groups: Zscraft has several employee resource groups (ERGs) that support employees from different backgrounds. These ERGs provide a forum for employees to connect, share experiences, and advocate for their communities.
  • The company has several initiatives in place to attract and hire diverse candidates, including partnerships with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs).

Diversity Metrics

Zscraft has consistently demonstrated a commitment to diversity, as reflected in its staffing metrics. The company has embraced a holistic approach to diversity, considering factors such as gender, ethnicity, age, and more. Their workforce comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, creating a vibrant and dynamic work environment.

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, Zscraft has implemented initiatives to foster ethnic and cultural diversity within its teams. The company’s workforce comprises individuals from various cultural backgrounds, enriching the organizational culture and contributing to a more innovative and adaptable work environment.

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Zscraft has implemented inclusive hiring practices to ensure that its commitment to diversity is embedded in every aspect of its recruitment process. The company actively seeks out talent from underrepresented groups, challenging industry norms and stereotypes. This approach not only enhances the diversity of the workforce but also ensures that Zscraft attracts the best talent from a wide pool of candidates.

Additional Notes

  • The Zscraft Diversity Staffing Report is based on data from the company’s workforce as of September 30, 2023.
  • Zscraft is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Coalition (DIC), a group of companies that are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has recognized Zscraft as a top employer for LGBTQ+ equality.


Zscraft Professional Packing Manufacturer stands out as a shining example of a company that understands the importance of diversity in building a successful and sustainable business. Their comprehensive diversity staffing reports reveal a commitment that goes beyond mere numbers, emphasizing the creation of an inclusive workplace culture where every employee feels valued and empowered. As other companies in the industry take note, Zscraft’s approach to diversity serves as an inspiring benchmark for the future of staffing practices in the professional packing sector.