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Discover the epitome of sophistication in jewelry storage with ZSCraft’s exquisite Cut Corners Blue Color Leather Jewelry Storage Box. As your “Packaging Partner Across Continents,” we deliver a blend of elegance and functionality.

Discover the pinnacle of sophistication with ZSCraft’s Cut Corners Blue Color Leather Jewelry Box. As your “Professional Packing Manufacturer,” we bring you a product that seamlessly marries style with functionality.

  • Exquisite Exterior: Our jewelry storage box boasts a luxurious aesthetic, featuring a plastic shell wrapped in Blue PU leather. This captivating exterior sets the stage for a truly elegant presentation.
  • Sumptuous Interior: Your jewelry deserves the best, and our storage box delivers. The interior is crafted with Blue PU leather, providing a soft and protective environment that enhances the allure of your precious items.
  • Customizable Inserts: Tailor the storage box to your jewelry collection’s unique needs with different styles of inserts or customization options. Whether for rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, our box adapts to your requirements.
  • Bespoke Sizing: We understand the diversity of your jewelry collection. Our Cut Corners Blue Color Leather Jewelry Box comes in customizable sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every piece.

Why Choose ZSCraft:

  • Global Presence: ZSCraft caters to clients in the USA, UK, Europe, and Africa, providing top-tier packaging solutions across continents.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in China employs advanced techniques to ensure precision, quality, and perfection in every product.
  • Tailored Solutions: We go beyond providing storage; we offer an extension of your brand identity. ZSCraft’s storage boxes are not just functional; they’re a statement.

Elevate your jewelry storage experience with ZSCraft’s Leather Storage Box. It’s not just storage; it’s a testament to the sophistication of your brand. Your jewelry deserves the best, and ZSCraft delivers excellence.

Product nameModel No. Size(mm)
Ring boxZSP162-165*60*50mm
Pendant boxZSP162-272*60*32mm
Earring boxZSP162-370*95*35mm
Bracelet boxZSP162-4224*53*32mm
Bangle boxZSP162-590*90*46mm